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Ebonics Language Lesson

And now today's ebonics language lesson

Meeting girls:

My, you're a lovely young lady.

DAMN!!! Yousa fine mother [email protected]#$$#%

Let's go for a ride. Shall we?

Hey baby jump in my low rider and let's rotate dees tires.

You are beautiful, I would like to make love to you.

Damn Bitch, you stupid fly, lemme pull up to that bumper smack dat monkey...

Greeting old friends:

Hello Sir

Whaddup Dog!

May I borrow some money?

Hey lemme hold some ends, I'll hit you back on the first, my brother

You don't have it? Thanks anyway

[email protected]#$ YOU!!!

Making new friends:

Hello Sir


I admire your fashionable running shoes

Drop dem Nikes off your ass before I blast you mother [email protected]%#er...

I used to be astuck up white boy, fakin the funk. Bump dat. I ain't bullshittin on front street no more. Thanks to the wakeup crew's Ebonics Language Lesson...

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