Ebonics Translator

Ghetto Delta Airlines Commercial Parody

Yall be going on vacation?

See the thing is, if you 'bout to be up out this biatch, check it.

Peep Delta

We be flyin' all over this bitch.

Let me axe you somethin'

You fen to raise up and get your travel on?

From the interior to the exterior, you gotta get your posterior in one of deez big ass planes.

Shit Dawg

You lay in the cut straight sittin' on yo ass

Gettin' your drink on and your snack on while we floss and fly this mo-fo all over this bitch.

East Coast. West Coast. It don't matter.

Neya, we'll get you to your ho and back lickety split. No @%#*.

Then you be back at yo crib chillin with a fat splif, think we was some crazy ass angel.

These fat fat round, thick ass vessels run up in the sky so deep it be cryin'. You thought it was rain.

So bring a towel 'cuz at Delta it's laid out like that.

Call one of these fly ass Delta coochies and then call them punk ass coworkers of yours.

Catch the vapors as you be off and up out.

You go'in?

We fly you there.

You Been?

We dun already flew up in there...

We got you covered like a jimmy hat.

At Delta we loves us some flyin'...and it be showin' like a motha [email protected]%#.