Ebonics Translator


Long ago, you could have left a voicemail, which we would have immortalized forever on this site.

The voicemail number is no longer available, but you can still listen to the archive and laugh!

Dude, I'm just a white chick and your site rocks, bye.
Hi this is Christy I'm calling from c-net radio in san francisco. We're doing umm a segment tomorow on rap websites and I'd love to include the ebonics page in it. Umm, If you could call me my number is ... Again my name is Christy I produce the Alex Bennet program on c-net radio in San Francisco. I'm talking about tomorow morning in the 10:00 hour. thanks.
I know you don't smoke weed, I know dis. But I'm gonna get you high tonight, 'Cause it's Friday, you aint got no job and you aint got shit to do. hehe. I just said all your ads, later dude.
Your ebonics translator sucks. I guess I better ? right next to my pot. Peep this say what? Peepin my ass.
Yo, yo, yo. Whatup dawg. I just wanted to tell you your site is the shiznit up in here, up in here.
Some guy makin weird noises into the phone.
Yah Joel, whats up? This is Tyrone Leroy Jackson III. I think we're gonna have some words motherf*cker. I think I wanna meet yo ass. I went to you ebonics website, motherf*cker. You make fun of us black people, bitch. Whats crackin nigga? Yah, email me sometime ... Peace.
My name is Brian Burkhart. I am known as the convicts comic. I just completed a very racially charged compact disc that I believe is very commercially viable. I am looking to network, maybe you or someone else that could possibly get me into the right markets. I've been, uh, kinda shunned in hollywood establishments. If you could, give me a call at ... Thanks a lot.
Yo, Joel. This is Joanne calling you, umm, [email protected] .com, you know I'm sitting here with my, um, my girlfriend, my girlfriend velveta. And we wants ta, we want, we decided we wants ta, umm, ebonify the song my way, from that nigga frank sinatra. And we want yall's help 'cause I know you could do it, yo. Umm, so, uuhh, help okay I know you can do it. Gimme a call if you ever want to. Umm, my address number is ... And um i'll send yall a picture, I got to. okay bye.