Ebonics Translator


Long ago, you could have left a voicemail, which we would have immortalized forever on this site.

The voicemail number is no longer available, but you can still listen to the archive and laugh!

Hello. I like ebonics. My name is Angela, my phone number is ... I would like to learn ebonics please so umm.. my phone number is ...
Hey Joel, my name is Kelly. I am calling you to find out what Jabroney means. J A B R O N E Y. Contact me back as soon as you can at ... Bye.
Hey Joel man, this is Ben. I was just seein what you were up to. Ahh, I thought maybe we would go chill, you know, hit up the crib, I dunno. You know. I dunno know, I was just seeing what you were up to dawg, you know man? Hey gimma a buzz, I'll be here, okay. Hey we're still gonna go surfing next week. Ya man, we gonna do it. I wanna catch a big wave, I dunno man. But just gimma a call man. This is Ben. You have a good, aaight, just gimme a call man, were still on. Why don't we go surfing.
Yes, can you send me information on your ebonics translator. My email address is ... @crackdealer.com.
Yo, dawg. I just called to see if you were, uhh you know, a brother. I get the impression as I go through your webpage that your probably a white boy. And if thats the case, you know, I'm just wondering why you utilizin, ahh, this whole pimp daddy thing, which comes out of our culture to make money. How come you can't talk about vikings or the way the indians got slaughtered, or something. You all got a culture too, man, you know. Anyway I'm out. I just wanted to share those thoughts with you, my psuedo-brother.
Hi, um. I guess this is Joel I'm trying to reach. Um, I like your website and uh. Here's the thing, I'm uh, I write. And I want to know if you could recomend, um, for puertorican website or whatever it is, translator, umm, because I use it sometimes for writing where I, umm, I want a character who speaks slang, like a New York kinda PeurtoRican language or whatever, umm, in english of course but he has that accent. I just, your, your website, actually helped me write for black characters and I was hoping I could find something for spanish. My email is ... or my number is ... My name is ED.
Hi. I got to your, uh, webpage through, um, digital enigma and I don't know what the connection between the two are, but I am trying to reach, uh, someone at digital enigma. Uh, who I met at the hollywood bowl about a week ago at a Brian Wilson concert. Uh, the womans name is Christine, and I didn't catch her husbands name, he's the one that works there. Uh, if you could possibly, uh, direct me, uh, to them I would really appreciate it, uh. My name is Charles Andrews. My number is ... Sorry I don't have any more information than that. But, uh, she did ask me to get in touch through the website and, uh, I didn't find a way to send an email through there. Thank you.
I think ebonics is the stupidest dumest sh*t I've ever heard. Thank you. Have a good day.
Hey, man. I just, I just received a copy of your email site, I think it's phat. And, uh, I just wanted to give props up to you. And uh, made my day. Thank you. bye-bye.
Yes, good afternoon, Umm, my name is Billy Howard I'm calling from behalf of Minesota in regards to the da ebonics page. Umm, in reading your disclaimer, which I, a person of color really appreciate you putting that on there, um, stating the fact that this is not true ebonics. Umm it's just raised real concerns actually. I work in a hospital and one of the doctors pulled it up and shared it with, um, the clinic. So, I'm just wondering what is the jest of this. Why? I'm assuming you did it for some type of entertainment, um, Joel. But I'm just kinda wondering where you got this from as far as, um, why would you want to do this? Why would you want to, you know, bring this up? You know I mean it's it's it's.. you know at first before I read the disclaimer I was really frustrated and very upset. But again, I appreciate you putting that on there. And, um, if you do have time to call me back I'd appreciate it. I can be reached at ... Thank you very much. Bye
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