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Long ago, you could have left a voicemail, which we would have immortalized forever on this site.

The voicemail number is no longer available, but you can still listen to the archive and laugh!

Yah, I saw, I saw your website motherf*ucker. Now I thought that was very ??. Because I speak ebonics fluently and I don't find that funny shit at all. So you best not be doin that no more, you hear me. Oh, and if you want to email me back at ... Thank you very much... that spells ... motherf*ucker ... @excite.com, now I trust you'll be emailing me back motherf*ucker otherwise I'm gonna have to hunt yo ass down.
Hi Joel, my name is Heather. I, Uhmm, Uhh, My friends rambling. We are huge fans of your ebonics webpage and I just went on to sign on and the ebonics site has been moved to a faster server, but it's not telling me what the new address is. So if you could send me an E-Mail, uhhh, my email address is heather.. which is H E A T H E R ... and just um send me a link or a voicemail, I mean not a voicemail or an email, just tell me where the address is so we can spread it around the office. Okay thanks, bye.
Hey, umm. This is for Jimmy. Alight, I'm done.
Some guy howling into the phone...
Yo wassup B?
Die Joel. Die.
Whats up Joel, this is Ellie, a new fan of yours. I got a cold so thats probably why i sound kinda funny right now, but anyways. I visited your website right now and I wanted to let you know it's off the hook and keep doin what your doing because it's hella funny and had my laughin so hard I was crying with that ebonics stuff. But, anyways I gotta go now alright. cool.
Hi, Joel. Now you know better than to put a number on a webpage. By the way how many voicemails do you get anyway? My name is Daniel and I work here at IBM in Atlanta. And I was surfing the web based on just sheer ebonics and I came across your page. Nice job, real nice job, Joel. And you have a better day honey. Bye.
Joel, you are so the sh*t with your webpage man. That is awesome. There's like three of us at work bossin that around, we're f*ckin around with that all day long man. So I'll translate that for you a little later, okay?
This message fo' Joel. I be on up to yo web page and I think yo' very racist. And I got your name on here. And we gonna have to do something about this. I'm gonna come down there. I'm wearin a purple pants suit. Ya, I'm gonna have to deal with yous. I'm gonna go talk to ya'll, uhh, network admins... admino... administrators, and uhh. See what de uh, de de de officer of dat site have to say about dat. 'Cause my kids be lookin at the internet and they don't need to know that it's bad to be black. And I just, I aint mad at you but I hope you understand where I'm comin from. And you need to have some respect for my peoples. 'Cause we all don't smoke weed and we do have baby babys. So you, you, you call me back o i'm gonna come see you now.
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