Ebonics Translator


Long ago, you could have left a voicemail, which we would have immortalized forever on this site.

The voicemail number is no longer available, but you can still listen to the archive and laugh!

Hey baby Ally. I just got your number off your site. I just wanted to let you know you've got a great site, and all that. So, have a nice day and i'll talk to you later. You can reach me at area code ... later.
... Yo, watup dawg. I be on yo' site and it be off the hook. Peace out, I gotta bounce.
I absolutely love your website. I've never laughed, laughed harder. Uhh, My name is Greg I'm down here is south florida. I'm actually coming up with, uhh, a kinda funny version of Unix called Ebunix. Umm, where all the commands will be in Ebonics. I wondered if you would be... so willing to... lend me / let me borrow... if I give you credit for your, Umm, ebonics translate.cgi. Umm. I'm gonna send you some email, it's, if you wanna, if you could send me that cgi. I hope it's in Perl. That would be great. It's ... and , uhh, I will be having my, uhh, nee, uhh, U, uhh, U, U. *No no no, I'm talking to the guy.* I'll have that, uhh, graphics up in just a little bit and I'll give you some credit if you could send me the cgi. Thanks. *I'm on the phone*.
Hi, my name is Jenna and I just have to tell you you've got a great page. It's hillarious and my and my friends get a kick out of it. Umm, keep up the great work, alight? See yah.
Good evening my name is Paula and I like the ebonic page. It's funny, it's working. I wanted to tell you, keep up the good work, and I can be reached at ... have a nice day.
Some guy growling into the phone. Sounds kinda weird.
La, la lala.
Sup, nigga. What cho be doin' bra? Man, I know you be all up in that ass right now. Shit, yo ?? tomorow gimma a call back when you get home. Aaight, peace out.
Hey Joel, you need to figure out a way to, uhh, identify the new, uhh, sorry about that, identify new Ebonics that come out such as bling-bling. I have no idea what that means. I'm curious what that might mean. And uh, need a ways where we can put that word in and figure out what that really means, uhh, in regular english. So, do the flip flop on the translator.
Yo, that shit was like, the bomb, yo. Know what I mean?
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