Ebonics Translator


Long ago, you could have left a voicemail, which we would have immortalized forever on this site.

The voicemail number is no longer available, but you can still listen to the archive and laugh!

Hello, Umm, I don't know what your name is, but I just pulled up your, Uhh, website, the Ebonics, Uhhh. It's hillarious, heheheh. I just had to call you and leave you a message. And your ebonics translator, thats pretty cool. If you'd like to... my name is mcw motor cycle helmets. If you'd like to email me, my address is ... I'm calling you using dialpad.com, you can call anybodys phone from your computer for free. Umm, ah, you know. I got all kind of good information I'm gonna have to pass your site on to all my chat friends and stuff, 'cause this is pretty cool, but uh, email me sometime I'd like to hear from you, bye-bye.
I say that shit is weak man, what the f*ck, what the f*ck is this sh*t man? hehe hehe yeah". "alright, back to work with you little pretty boys
unintelligable babble.. sounds interesting though.
Yo, yo, wassup ?? you know what I'm sayin ?? representin". "Pass the mic to my nigaa J ?? I just turned 15, you know. I just like to see a young black woman like yourself showing, flaunting yourself, you know. It's really sexy the way you do it, you know what I'm sayin. Like your a little flirt, yo. ?? hospitable joint, you know what I'm sayin. I like that, you just keep up wit it, dawg". "yah, thats my nigga antonio, I just wanted to say your sexy and everything."
Yo, yo, yo. What the f*ck, man, you tryin to talk shit to the dawg? 'Cause the dawgs aint gonna like that shit. You betta chill that nigga sh*t bitch 'o I'm gonna come put my f*ckin colt 45 up yo ass. Peace out bitch.
hello, this is Johnny Moses from ?? and I just ran across your website and I think it's great. Bye.
can't understand a damn thing this guys saying, but he's sayin it loud.
Hello, your site is very funny. That is all I wanted to tell you. Thank you and good bye.
Hi, I had seven tuna fish sandwiches, with expired mayonayse and I've been on the toilet for 4 1/2 hours. Uhh... Pptth. Oohh.. I have a wart on my lip, and I want you to rub it's hairy surface. Ohh, and if your really good, you can rub oil on my other boils and warts. Uhh. Ppth. I wan't to cut your toe nails and then I want to lick your ear hair. oh yeah.
Hi. Whats up my names ??, and my mom thinks I'm cool. And sometimes, when I play with my winkey, it speaks at me. You can leave me a voicemail at ... have a nice day Ppptt... uhhh..
Some guy just pushing buttons on the phone.. I get weird voicemails.
Hey Joel. This is, Umm, sister wolf from ??.com. I'm checkin out your website, with the brand new, in red, phone number thing. How come your doing this? Thats funny of you. It's a good idea, but it's funny. It's weird. Ummm. But I'm participating aren't I? That's the main thing. So, Umm, I dunno. I want a website too. Yo. Send me an email sometime. Bye.